KatieDo Embroidery has closed the door!

It was a fun seven years, but the time has come and I'm
closing up shop and heading into my retirement years. 
Thank you for being loyal and supportive customers and friends!
I've truly enjoyed my time online and hope you continue to
stitch my designs for many years to come.
Now it's time for me to spend time doing what I love, stitching, quilting
traveling with my husband and spending time with our friends and
family, especially our wonderful grandchildren. 

We really went out with a bang during the Going Out of Business sale,
and there were so many orders that it was impossible to keep up with filling them on a timely basis.  The site may be closed, but I will continue to fill orders until every last one has been sent, and everyone is happy with their designs.  Please be patient and understanding as this may take a few days.  There are over 350 orders waiting (and some of them are huge!)  I will be filling them in the order they were received.  But I only have two hands and ten fingers and can only type so fast. 

If you could wait a day or two before checking with me, I would really appreciate it.  Every time I have to stop and respond to an inquiry it puts the filling of orders on hold.  The designs are sent to the email address on your PayPal account.  Always be sure to check your spam folder since they sometimes end up there for no good reason.

Happy trails.........................
Kathleen  "KatieDo"