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I opened my online store in September of 2008.
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To assure that you get the best stitching results possible, my designs have been tested and retested until I'm satisfied with the results.  However, please test them yourself by doing a trial stitchout first on scrap fabric to be sure that you use the best stabilizer for the project you are creating.  Various parts of a design, including how you hoop your fabric, the type of stabilizer you use and the threads you choose will determine how your designs will stitch  Please note:  before placing your order, make sure the designs you are purchasing will fit within your embroidery machines hoops.
  Due to the electronic nature of the design files there are no
  refunds, but if you have problems with any of the designs
  you purchase I will do everything I can to ensure your

  You are purchasing a license to use these designs for your
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  or sell the designs. 

  Please read my Terms of Use for full copyright information.
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Misc Info
(After purchase, your designs will be sent to you via email, be sure to check your spam folder if you don't see them.
They usually arrive pretty quickly unless it's the middle of the night!)

It's been a fun, crazy seven years, and I've enjoyed every minute of it, but now it's time for me
to retire.  I appreciate all of your support over the years and want to thank you by having a
Huge Sale!
Until May 8th, I'm practically giving away my designs so that you can get all
of the ones you would like before I close down my website and head into retirement.

Everything, except for a very few sets, is priced at just
$1.00 per set!

Take your time and be sure that you look through all of the pages so you don't
miss out on anything you want, since this will be your last chance!

..... P L E A S E   R E A D .....
Thank you all so much for your orders!  I'm being drowned in them...LOL!  Not complaining, just know that with so many orders coming in per day, I'm doing everything I can to get them out as quickly as I can.  But I only have two hands and ten fingers and can only type so fast.  Please be patient and understanding!  I won't forget you, and will get the designs to you in the order received.  It might not be super quick, but's a great sale and you're getting wonderful designs for next to nothing!  If you could wait at least one day before checking with me, I would really appreciate it.  The designs are sent to the email address on your PayPal account.  Always be sure to check your spam folder since they sometimes end up there for no good reason.
Thank you
!    Kathleen    (typing as fast as I can!)